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SERVICES available throughout North Staffs, all parts of Stoke on Trent & Parts of Cheshire. 

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4paws petminding provides the services you need for holidays or for the daytime whilst you are away from home. Please visit the appropriate tab above to find out more.

Cat owners are increasingly choosing home care visits as a preference to boarding catteries. Cats are territorial and frightened of unfamiliar places and so therefore the preferred option is to keep them at home when possible. 4paws has a wealth of experience in caring for all ages of cats in the home.

You can be assured that your pet(s) will be given plenty of love, care and attention whilst with me for home visits, dog walking or if being transported to vets/groomers.

If leaving your dog(s) for a full day, it is advised they are walked at least once to break up the time they are alone. If your dog(s) are happy and experienced being walked with others, they may benefit from a small group walk, enabling them to interact and play with other dogs.


Pet Care in Your Home

Keeping cats at home tends to be the preferred option, as they are highly sensitive to changes in their environment and routines. This is hightened in young or elderly cats. 4PawsPM can also visit smaller furries such as guinea pigs, hamsters etc. Feeding, cleaning, letting out, play, cat grooming, medication administration and wellbeing visits. Ideal for mealtimes and to break up the day for your loved pet! read more

Dog Walking

Approx an hour walk at local parks or great walking locations such as Apedale, Bunny Hill in Clayton and Silverdale. read more

Pricing Guide

prices, terms and conditions, holiday and special booking information. read more

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